Where Projects Go Wrong

Making large capital investments in business-critical technology upgrades can be a chaotic experience. Even more so when it’s replacing an end-of-life legacy application where any failure introduces enormous potential risk. One way to increase the chances of success is to engage a dedicated project/program manager to guide the process.

After nearly twenty years of managing creative and technology efforts of varying sizes and complexity, I’ve found that the point of failure in most projects is competing priorities among the stakeholders involved. On the client side, executives have invested not just financial resources but reputation as well. Vendors have a contracted scope of work that in many cases is more than the budget can deliver without equal doses of luck and disappointment.

In either case, the key to overcoming these barriers requires honest and consistent communication of risks and opportunities. It starts during the Request for Proposal stage as scope and budget are aligned with business need. It continues through vendor selection where deciphering the proposal fineprint is key to choosing the right implementation partner. Through delivery and roll-out of the proposed solution, the final hurdle to project success.

More than a decade spent on the vendor side of the house informs my ability to help clients get the most from their project budgets. Get in touch today using whatever method is most convenient (see contact info in the footer) and find out how The Bakery’s “project insurance” can help ensure amazing outcomes.

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