What is Concierge Creative?

For entrepreneurs, nonprofits and small business owners , taking advantage of tomorrow’s opportunities requires nimble marketing strategies that can respond to emergent demands.

Concierge Creative services are blocks of hours that can be dedicated toward content creation like videos and blog posts as well as projects with more complex requirements like legacy system migrations and API integrations. As creative director, my background and experience becomes a client asset to be leveraged when needed, and held in ready-reserve when not.

The Bakery’s creative consulting model provides both certainty and flexibility, whether it’s a block of retained hours dedicated toward business demands or a managed hosting agreement that provides consistent management of existing web properties at a reasonable fee.

Give me a call or shoot me an email (info in footer below) to learn how concierge creative may be the solution when project budgets and business needs don’t align. Otherwise, feel free to leave any questions as a comment to this post.

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